Philly Tech Week 2015

Philly Tech Week 2015

April 2015 — Turnberry Solutions sponsored the Microsoft Philly Tech Week event – “Doing Business & Developing in the Cloud”. The full day agenda incorporated professional presentations covering Microsoft’s Azure Media Services, the Microsoft Cloud and world class data centers, Azure Security and a special presentation from the Microsoft Cyber Crimes Office. Then into the afternoon, the presentations continued with Azure/IaaS, PaaS and Active Directory in the Cloud, and hands on demos were available throughout the day. The full house had the benefit of hearing the cloud based solutions and trends and then experiencing much of the technology within the live, hands on environment.


The content topics included specific topical information for attorneys and procurement professionals covering “how to engage in due diligence in order to identify a “trusted” cloud provider”, “Legal trends and developments involving the cloud”, “How Microsoft supports customer regulatory compliance and e-discovery by design” and “How Microsoft extends its cyber-security capabilities to cloud customers.”. Additionally the sessions covered Microsoft Azure, with Infrastructure as a Service, by showing a focus on cloud integrated storage and disaster recovery through the Azure platform. Then by showing the Platform as a service moved into showing details on DEV tools, application hosting, Azure websites and how Microsoft is processing the Big Data boom with Azure. Azure Media Services was a topic of discussion where the presentation detailed Microsoft’s success with Azure at the Olympic Games, World Cup and Super Bowl.

Over all the day was a very informative and a successful deep dive into the Microsoft Cloud services and its growing impact on organizations across the globe. Turnberry was thrilled to sponsor and participate along with the Comcast Corporation in this Philly Tech Week event.

Turnberry also sponsored a prize of a Microsoft Band Smartwatch for the event, and the winner was Steve Brady of the Barnes Foundation. Congratulations, Steve!

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