Flexible Data Governance

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Turnberry Blog: Flexible Data Governance

With volumes rising at a record rate and government regulation on security and privacy growing, data has become an increasingly important corporate asset. Imagine it as the water in the growing desert of competition in today's modern business. Without data, businesses would fail to be able to survive and would have little to no chance to thrive in such a competitive marketplace.

The Growing Role of Data Governance

These days, data governance feels a lot like Rodney Dangerfield. It seems to get little to no respect. A lot of this “disrespect” seems to stem from the origins of data governance. In its beginnings, data governance was primarily an IT function used to inventory data and had very little interaction with business functions. This disconnect led to technology solutions that didn’t fully support the need for data literacy and discovery within the business. As data began to grow with the onset of Big Data, business and IT needed the ability to better share, collaborate and use data as an advantage in an ever-growing competitive market.

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