Customized Service Delivery Platform

FlexDP: Affiliate Order Management Portal

Secure, Extendable Collaboration Platform for the Service Provider

An Adaptable Alternative

The FlexDP: Affiliate Order Management Portal solution offers Service Providers an online environment for secure and extendable communications and collaboration. It is a flexible services delivery platform that can be used to fulfill a wide variety of roles in the Service Provider [SP] order, delivery and production support space. It supports vast majority of the ordering lifecycle for video, voice and data products and services with modular and replaceable components. This design is specifically aimed to enable Customer Portals, Field Sales, Inside Sales, Service Delivery, Customer Care, Inventory, Scheduling, Provisioning, Billing and Business Intelligence.

Ease of Performance

The FlexDP: Affiliate Order Management Portal was built on the FlexDP reference architecture, from the ground-up with ease of integration, scalability and performance in mind. All functional areas can be exposed as web service for integration with external and partner systems. It is implemented a SaaS (Software as a Service) with guaranteed uptime, performance SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and adherence to a predictable TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) model.
All of the primary front-end interfaces have been incorporated into the FlexDP: Affiliate Order Management Portal including a web UI, telephony and mobile with an integrated API [application programming interface] for flexibility and customization. The included back-end infrastructure links consist of federated catalog and customer stores, external provisioning, decision support and billing systems with pre-fitted APIs and interfaces all with a focus on SP business process and systems.

Included Features and Benefits

  • Configurable Product Catalog: allows for rapid deployment of new products.
  • IVR Integration: notifies customers of scheduled installations, query order status, etc.
  • Computer Telephony Integration [CTI]: allows screen-pops for contacts that are calling for re-schedules, etc.
  • E-Signature Integration: integrated with DocuSign, EchoSign; allows for streamlined contract management.
  • CRM [Customer Relationship Management] Integration: interfaces to Salesforce and SugarCRM.
  • Customer Ordering Portal: allows self-ordering without outside assistance.
  • Customer Verification Portal: ensures order accuracy and minimizes rejected orders.
  • Construction Cost Estimation: supports assumptive close; allows quicker sales cycles.
  • Auto-Learning Recommendation Engine: provides up-sell and cross-sell capabilities.
  • Billing Integration: with existing billing systems and cuts down manual swivels, etc.
  • Dashboards and Reports: allows insight into customer base, ordering pain points, fallouts, etc.
  • Live Score Cards: allows users to track up-to-date information on productivity, targets, etc. and make informed decisions.

The Data Points

The FlexDP: Affiliate Order Management Portal was designed and built with high availability and geographical disaster recovery in mind. An entire vertical of the application stack (including web and database servers) can be setup as an individual POD. Multiple PODs are installed within a data center and across data centers with no shared components that can cause simultaneous failover. Data is replicated across PODs and data centers to provide a very robust and highly available platform. Failure of a single POD or even data center would not impact the availability of the application.
Horizontal scalability has been designed into the FlexDP: Affiliate Order Management Portal with no saturation or choke points. The platform can be horizontally scaled to meet the customer’s performance and usage needs. Currently in production, the current deployment offers response time in the 90-percentile for the application is response time is typically less than a second. Monitoring agents are built into the platform with self-healing mechanisms, which automatically fix common error conditions such as node failures, etc. Performance is intrinsically monitored and new infrastructure resources are provisioned to account for changing application demands.

See For Yourself

The FlexDP family of solutions offers powerful web portal software solutions for Service Providers intent on delivering engaging web content and applications in an integrated, differentiated and personalized web experience. Built on the FlexDP architecture, by experienced engineers with extensive business experience, the FlexDP: Affiliate Order Management Portal solution is a low risk, zero down time enhancement to your business. Give us a call at 215.654.9991 or email us at info@ for a demonstration of this powerful new solution.
“This portal exceeds our standards for layout, ease of use and functionality…” [Manager: Major Service Provider - Current Customer]
“…it seems thus far that this portal may be the best of all of our partners.” [Current Customer]
“The address pre-qualifications are a lifesaver. I have run several and the results are excellent. The speed of processing is also excellent.” [Current Customer]
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