Crew serves as an innovative talent development program for both Turnberry and our clients by focusing exclusively on high-performing junior consultants within the first five years of their career. Crew thinks differently about how to attract, train, and retain top talent to cultivate the business and technology leaders of tomorrow.

By exclusively focusing on junior talent, we have built a program that identifies outstanding future leaders and accelerates their careers through mentorship, training, and support. Consultants love working for Crew because of the variety in project exposure, the tightly-knit communities of practice, and substantial training opportunities aiding with career advancement. Clients love working with Crew because we provide access to outstanding new consultants who immediately add value to ongoing project needs; Crew customizes our program for specific client, industry, or technology needs. Additionally, if client and consultant find a perfect long-term match, we allow our clients to make full time offers to our consultants following 12 months of assignment.

Our unparalleled ability to attract, train, and support early-career consultants who provide tremendous value both in immediate project work and in long-term workforce transformation make Crew a destination employer for high-caliber talent, and a first choice for clients looking to leverage the nation’s top talent.

Interested in learning more? Click the button below for a one minute video overview on Crew:

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