Business Agility

Business Agility

At Turnberry, our Business Agility service meets our clients where they’re at. Whether you’re struggling to create a clear product strategy, seeking to build high-performing product teams, or looking back at an agile transformation that hasn’t delivered the outcomes you’d hoped for, our practitioner-led Business Agility service is designed to deliver immediate results.   

We start with mindset, as we know that establishing clear product values are what drive the behaviors our clients are seeking from their teams and organizations. Next, we partner with our clients to create a customized toolkit, enabling adoption of new behaviors, processes, and best practices. Lastly, we help drive enterprise alignment by breaking down silos and establishing shared outcomes across the organization.   

Our Business Agility team understands that organizational transformation is difficult. Our primary objective is to help our clients simplify their transformation efforts and build organizational confidence that will lead to achieving desired outcomes, and our team of nationally recognized consultants and thought leaders are ready to help. 

Turnberry Product Academy

Ready to take your product knowledge to the next level? Our Product Academy is for you. Through our proprietary, 6-week Product Academy, learn to build customer-focused, outcome-driven products in a hands-on program that you can apply immediately. The next Academy launches September 13 and runs through October 21.

Sign up for the Turnberry Product Academy today!

What's in it for you:

  • Build new skills and assemble a custom product toolbox
  • Collaborate with fellow Product Managers
  • Apply practical lessons immediately on your product
  • Experience personalized coaching and mentoring
  • Learn from dynamic guest speakers

Course Topics:

  1. Master modern product methodologies for definition, discovery, and delivery
  2. Cultivate a healthy product culture
  3. Develop an inspiring vision and strategy
  4. Nurture authentic cross team collaboration
  5. Champion a project to product transformation

Product methodologies covered:

  • Product Charter
  • OKRs
  • Personas
  • Opportunity Canvas
  • Discovery Planning
  • Interviewing Customers
  • Research Analysis
  • User Story Mapping
  • Prototyping
  • Product Outlook (Roadmap)
  • Cross-team Collaboration & Planning

Seats are limited, register today for our September cohort!

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