Application Development

Application Development

Turnberry Solutions prides itself on having assembled a team of distinguished analysts, architects, engineers and managers who have built large scale, high transaction business critical platforms. Whether it’s a content management solution, a customer self-service portal or a custom iPad application, Turnberry has the capability to deploy subject matter experts to handle an entire project or work seamlessly as a member of your team. Whatever the approach, you can be assured that our IT professionals come highly qualified with many years of relevant experience.

Cost-effective Solutions

Turnberry Solutions specializes in creating custom applications to your unique business requirements; migrating existing applications and integrating other third-party applications as required, saving you hours of development time.

  • Application Development: Turnberry has a proven track of delivering sophisticated custom applications, business enablement platforms and complex integration solutions.
  • Application Migration and Porting: Turnberry can migrate and integrate other third-party applications as required, or provision additional functionality and capabilities, saving you hours of development time.
  • Application Maintenance: Turnberry can operate, maintain and support existing applications providing efficient operations and peace of mind as well as predictable monthly costs. Turnberry can also provide software enhancements and improvements as requested, offering a complete solution to meet all of your application needs.
Our wealth of re-useable software components and frameworks coupled with our broad industry expertise allows us to quickly create, customize, integrate and provision additional functionality and capabilities that serve a wide range of needs within the enterprise. For most companies, it simply doesn’t make sense to do it alone. Turnberry Solutions can be leveraged as a powerful asset used to gain a competitive advantage.

Custom Software Development

At Turnberry Solutions, we believe the following three technical tenants form the foundation of a repeatable recipe for success for any successful custom software development engagement our team is involved in:

Systems built by Turnberry Solutions start with the user in mind. Our applications are designed for people, not machines. While we have executed on many systems integration projects and constructed back end processing platforms, these tools all start and end somewhere with actual users entering data or making decisions. We fuse technology, business processes and users together for a seamless experience. We start with prototypes and diagrams to articulate the vision of the application. Our visual designs are professional, clean and inviting. We support the evolution of devices by maintaining a “mobile first” design philosophy, which carries over to our responsive web user interface engineering design.

Inspired by the absolute best legends of our industry, Turnberry Solutions architects and developers are software craftsman with a passion for creating solutions that protect our customer’s investment, and stand the test of time. We apply cutting edge techniques, always choosing the right tool for the task. Our code is self-documenting through constant refactoring. Quality is top of mind from the beginning utilizing test driven design and through unit test coverage, followed up by various testing strategies on the integrated solution, including performance and scalability.

Successful software development requires deep partnership with between those defining “what” the product needs to do and those defining “how” it will achieve those goals. Turnberry Solutions evangelizes Agile methodology with numerous experts on staff in various techniques. The core philosophies of Agile are applied in everything we do. We iterate over project in short bursts to ensure that users actually see a working product to provide feedback on, ensuring requirements are accurate and avoiding surprises after months of development effort. We do not resist, but embrace change at all points of the lifecycle, respecting that market conditions and business strategies undergo shifts at any time.

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